A Glass Block Koi Pond / Fountain

This site describes a unique pond constructed with glass block.

Pacific Ocean with Channel Islands in the background.

Lights of Ventura and Oxnard in the background.

Dusk, facing east toward Camarillo, Santa Paula, and Los Angeles.

Details about the home-made underwater lighting appear in the following section.

Dimensions: 17' outer diameter of glass block, 15' diameter water vessel,
24" to 30" depth, 2500 gallons. Center island is 30" diameter.

Location: Ventura California (between Malibu & Santa Barbara) on a
hillside overlooking the city. USDA zone 10, full sun.

Occupants: 8 Butterfly Koi and seven water lilies.

Click Here to see details of the design and construction of this pond:
* 3 dozen more photos.
* Construction details.
* Filtration system design.
* Design goals & philosophy.
* Details of the glass block backlighting.
* How the underwater & fountain lights were made.

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