A White LED Rope Light Lit Patio Cover

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The original patio.

In the beginning... there was a small, well worn concrete patio with an eroding green fiberglass cover. For the lack of $2 worth of metal trim water was able to invade the area where the cover was attached to the house causing irrepairable rot. It had to come down, and thus the excuse to start anew.

Dry rot damaged patio cover.

Old patio cover removed, gound staked out for new patio.

The old patio cover is removed, demo begun on concrete patio, ground staked out for new interlocking paver patio.

Post footing with 5/8-inch stailess steel threaded rod.

Post footing with 5/8-inch stailess steel threaded rod.

Footings are poured for new patio cover support posts. They are each about 1 cubic foot of 5000 psi concrete containing rebar and a center 5/8-16 stainless steel threaded rod and rod coupling that the posts will fasten to.

Soil removed, landscape fabric and 6-inches of base installed.

Soil removed. Six inches of base installed over a layer of landscape fabric.

Interlocking paver installation completed.

Interlocking paver patio complete. This part of the project was the only part I didnít do myself. An interlocking paver contractor was hired resulting in a complete disaster requiring that some work had to be redone. Click here for the sad details.

Now that we have a patio, on to the fun part - The posts, the cover, and the LED lighting...