"Flying Fish" Wind Sculpture

Make your own kinetic wind sculpture

This site describes a project to build a wind sculpture next to my Koi pond.

(Allow about 3 minutes to load animations on a dial-up line.)


A dozen "fish" were fabricated from sheet metal, then gold leafed.
The fish were made in three sizes, ranging from 9" to 14" in length.



The front third of each fish is made of 0.032" brass sheet, the backs are made from 0.015" brass sheet. Between the two pieces is a length of 5/16" OD brass tubing sealed with a brass plug at the top end. The fins are made from 0.005" copper and nickel foils. All are soldered together. Two layers of gold leaf were applied to the brass parts using weatherproof oil-based size.

Each fish swivels on a polished 1/4" diameter stainless steel rod pushed into the ground.

This is the installation site:



It's fun to watch the fish swim into the breeze!

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